Student Testimonials

“Dear Good Food Project,
Thank you for bringing all of the apples that I never heard of. My favorite apple was Fuji. I want to know about all kinds of different fruits.”
Anneisha, 4th grade

Citrus makes me feel……

“refreshed, satisfied, full of deliciousness and delighted”
Logan, 2nd grade

“very happy”
Diana, 3rd grade

“happy and excited”
Isabella, 3rd grade

“more healthy”
Jesse, 2nd grade

Abraham, 2nd grade“

“refreshed, ready to learn”
Nicole, 2nd grade

“Dear Apple Lady,
Your apples were so so delightful. How can I taste your Honeycrisp, Jonagold, and Pink Pearl again? You made me like apples now.”
Nycola, 2nd grade

“Fruit is awesome! Yellow and dark cherries! I love em.”
Gabriel, 9th grade

“Dear Apple Lady,
Thank you for your tasty apples and juicy apples too. Thank you for even doing us some slinkys. I thank you for teaching us the names of the apples. Now I know the names of the apples so I could tell my dad the names of the apple so I could buy them. Thanks for showing us how to taste the apple even sweeter, juicier, and crispier.”
Alanjandro, 4th grade

“I love berries and fruit.”
Cassandra, 6th grade

“All the berries have different colors. I liked that.”
Victor, 11th grade

“I only had blueberry before but the other berries were good. And, I love both peach and nectarine.”
Jaaliyah, 6th grade

Citrus “smells like perfume and tastes splendid.”
Dejah, 4th grade